Charles Bukowski - Post Office Book Review

Charles Bukowski - Post Office

This is the first book I have read by Mr. Bukowski and would describe it as filthy yet harrowing giving us an insight in the mind of Charles Bukowski. Expect lots of alcohol drinking, smoking cigarettes, gambling at the races, sex and a whole lot of not giving two f**ks. If you are a softy and get easily offended by cursing and dirty words then maybe you should read something else like Harry Potter or Twilight which I do enjoy on a Christmas day however with this book I found myself reading it at Louisville, Kentucky airport waiting for my plane to arrive with a glass of Bourbon Whiskey. 

This book revolves around the life of Hank Chinaski who’s life wasn’t easy as a child with an abusive father. The book is semi-autobiographical and you can tell by watching many of Charles Bukowski old interviews what type of person he was- big drinker, smoker and not afraid to say what was on his mind. You get a look into his life working at the Post Office, his relationships with women, gambling etc.   

This book is honest, foul and such a joy to read. Looking forward to reading another Hank story. 


Keith Bruton